Integration Architecture Services

Enterprise architecture pyramid

An enterprise view

Many organisations look at integration at either the application level or project.  This can result in integrations that cause other problems in the future.

Having an enterprise view allows you to select the right patterns for your organisation to replicate to ensure any future integrations align with your existing ecosystem.

Understanding your needs

MiBizData architects can provide a review of your existing architecture to highlight potential issues that should be addressed, and either assist existing resources to get on the right path, or do the heavy lifting for you. 

We can make sure you understand the right patterns that work with the information needs of your organisation and system limitations.

Resources to augment your project

Our Architects can work remotely or work embedded in your internal teams working how you want to work.  We use TOGAF internally as a guideline to produce architecture artefacts.

Reviews and business alignment

To find out more information contact us and we can discuss how we can help.

Development Services

Have a project in flight but need additional resources to stay on schedule?

We can provide development resources who are skilled in multiple languages.  Our staff can be embedded into your project teams either remotely or in person to help you get back on track.

Already own a platform but need help with implementation?

Our developers can assist with the implementation and upskilling of your staff to use platforms like MuleSoft, Amazon API Gateway or Azure API Management.

We have the resources to help you get set up and on your way by embedding our staff in your team for upskilling and knowledge transfer.