Platform Selection

Multitude of systems used in integration

Which integration platform is best for your organisation?

Selecting the right integration platform is not an easy thing to do when there are so many to chose from.  There are many things you need to consider that vendors don't mention when looking for the best platform for your organisation.

This includes:

At MiBizData we can assist in navigating the complexities and help you select the best fit platform that aligns with your business needs and future goals.

How we help you determine the best fit...

Our consultants follow a method that we have used to identify the best fit platform for your needs.  This is done through a series of interviews with relevant stakeholders to understand where you are now and your business goals for where you want to be.

Platform decisions can have a lasting impact on your organisation and the wrong selection can lead to higher costs and failed projects.  If you have existing integration projects that are struggling we can also help identify what the problems could be and get you back on the right track.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help.

Process to identify platform fit

High performing teams

Framework to measure high performing teams

Establishing a new team or unsure how to improve team performance?

We can assist with our process of establishing the right practices to help you baseline and measure improvements across six key areas to help improve team performance.

Agile Practices

Agile practice process

Fine-tune your practices and process before you automate

Getting the right process in place is critical before attempting to automate using technology.  We can make sure your process will work for your organisation and help you implement the process.

Get the right tools

There are many tools available to use in the DevOps discipline, which ones are right for your organisation is not an easy choice.  

We can help you identify and implement the right tools for your organisation, and provide your staff with the knowledge to use them effectively.

DevOps periodic table