Integration Total Cost of Ownership

Organisations used to purchase systems and then code the integration between systems manually. Integration now have their own platforms that are used to reduce the effort required to develop and maintain integrations resulting in the field becoming more specialised. Organisations should understand the total cost of ownership for developing AND maintaining their integrations so they can make the best decision for their business.

Why you NEVER want to integrate

Integration is the PLAGUE (The Covid of IT)!

It’s not easy to connect multiple systems to each other. In fact it’s downright hard. Truth be told, connecting the systems themselves isn’t really the challenge - that’s just a software project - the challenge is almost always dealing with the people that use the two systems you’re connecting. Because you aren’t just connecting systems, you are connecting business processes, and you are connecting teams of people involved in those processes. Teams of people who sometimes seriously dislike each other. Who have spent years (sometimes decades) frustrating each other, blaming each other, and outright avoiding each other.